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Posted by Cairnisle Cairn Terriers on Sunday, June 26, 2011,
This weekend I went to Grande Prairie for the dog show.I was letting a Handler take her in to see  what he could do with her as opposed to my handling.  He handled her well, but we did not win. This is ok, it is part of the game.  Later on he asked if he could remove some of her dead coat, I said yes (and she did have some dead hair in her, actually quite a lot, we were in transition, and I was trying to keep coat on her until her new coat was a proper length)  and watched how he was going to...

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to Neuter or not to Neuter

Posted by Cairnisle Cairn Terriers on Wednesday, June 15, 2011,
There has been a big debate on spaying and neutering your pets. When is the best time before 6 months or later when the pet is mature. My feelings on this is the later the better.  In Dogs in Canada, ther is a wonderful article about neutering your dog too young.

Early spay and neuter

June 5, 2011, By Jeff Grognet, D.V.M., ARTICLE, HEALTH

What is the current ...

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