Great weekend for Dallas, his first show and Dallas won Best of winners for 2 points. This  boy gave me all he had, and showed like a trooper.  The second day we were blindsided by a snowstorm and the competition could not make it to Red Deer, so no points that day.  So we waited for the snow to stop and headed home.

After white knuckling it all the way home, we finally made it safely  and unpacked and relaxed for a bit.

I swear I did not leave Dallas unattended  for too long and by the time I saw him again he had dyed his coat a stunning magenta!!  All around his mouth, down the front of his legs and his back legs. Somehow he had gotten a printer ink cartridge.  Fortunately it was still wet and we got 95% of it out of his coat, with exception to some parts around his feet which will wear off eventually.  And I now have a pink stain on my carpet, thankfully its on the list to be replaced..can't be soon enough!!!

 Life with Dallas definately is not boring, lol.