This weekend I went to Grande Prairie for the dog show.I was letting a Handler take her in to see  what he could do with her as opposed to my handling.  He handled her well, but we did not win. This is ok, it is part of the game.  Later on he asked if he could remove some of her dead coat, I said yes (and she did have some dead hair in her, actually quite a lot, we were in transition, and I was trying to keep coat on her until her new coat was a proper length)  and watched how he was going to groom her. I did this because if he is taking her on the road, I need to be sure he can groom her as well and maintain her coat. I was watching and he was doing a good job, picking the dead hairs etc.  I felt comfortable with what he was doing. 

He had to stop and go show a dog and then came back to her later. 

I watched and he was again being judicious in how much he was taking off her. I decided to watch the show for a bit, and when I came back he had stripped a whole line of her coat out to her undercoat.. Now If  were a paranoid person I would say maybe he was being paid off by the competetion to destroy my chance of getting her in the Top 4 Cairns of Canada. But I am not a paranoid person and I have to believe he was just plain ignorant.

I was so completely deviastated, and was speachless. I could only comment that he now ruined any chance of her winning anything this weekend. He could not see what he had done wrong.  He said she would look better in a tighter  jacket. I pointed out she was bald..he figured no problem that is what chalk and colouring is for. He figured he could still show her, I told him no,I was pulling her the rest of the weekend, as I am ashamed and embarrassed as to her appearance.  This dog is known for her great coarse coat, and  for him to rip this coat out then stupidly say he can make it better with chalk and colouring showed a complete lack of understanding of the Cairn Terrier and its coat.

 I am trying to be calm right now as losing it will not benefit me nor will it grow coat back on my dog. Needless to say she had to be stripped down evenly, and we start all over again.
My hopes and dreams of this year of getting her into the Top Cairn of Canda position just went flying out the window with his destruction of her beautiful coat.

I am now having to look back at this weekend and  say to myself..Never again will I trust a  Handler to look after my dog the way I look after my dog. I shall hence forth show her Handler shall touch her..  I know I can do a better job then they can or will!!

Needless to say this weekend has been filled with many many tears and melt downs each time I look at my beautiful dog and how naked she is now..  My heart is broken..

Let this be a lesson to any one who would seek a "Pro Handler" just bcause they handle dogs doesn't mean they know what they are doing. Lesson learned..NEVER AGAIN!!