First an update to last year.  We did not end up #1 Cairn in Canada, Dallas ended up #2  and 50 points short of being #1.  So this year we hit the road again!.  First how this year.  3 days at the AKC Winter Classic shows at beautiful Spruce Meadows Calgary Alberta.  Dallas Out performed  himself right off the start!  First day Dallas received a Grp 3 under Judge Cec Ringstrom.  
Day 2 saw Dallas get a Grp 1 under Respected Breeder Judge Peggy Mcillwaine, Only to go on and receive a Reserve Best in Show Under Judge Peggy Gutierrez-Otero.  We were elated to be recognised and I was so Happy Dallas was showing himself so well!
Day 3 Dallas received another Grp 1 under Judge Peggy Gutierrez Otero, and he went on to win his FIRST EVER BEST IN SHOW, under Judge Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine.  A renowned Cairn Terrier Breeder Judge! I will include her comments:
 "Today I did best in show and for the first time ever I awarded a cairn terrier top honors. I'd be thrilled to take him home with me, he would fit very well in our breeding program if we were still breeding cairns."
Thank you Peggy for this wonderful win.