I am very pleased with this last weekend. Normally I go on about Pippen , but today its all about Marco. Marco is Dott and Davys ooopsie puppy, and what an awesome Ooopsie he is.  At 10 months of age he now sits on 8 points towards his Canadian Championship, and won a Best Puppy in Group this last weekend. I am a proud Breeder.

This brings me to a question I always ponder..As Breeders do we sell our best or our second best?  I believe if My Kennel name is on that Dog it better be my best, because otherwise you get a reputation for selling Garbage.   I myself would have loved to have kepts Marco, but becasue he is so closely related to everything I have it was not possible.

I do keep my best as well, but if I have one of equal quality I would have no problems selling it to a show home.  But I will not sell a pup which has obvious faults or structual issues.  This to me is a huge No No.. If I would not breed it I will not show it.  I would like to think I have a reputation for integrity, One can only hope.