Well my girl is definately getting larger and larger by the day.  She has now started to go outside and go under the walkway to dig a den for herself.  I think she has her own plans that do not coincide with mine, lol. She figures she is going to have them out side I am saying no. So we are at a loggerhead.  She goes out at night to dig, not during the day so we do not see her. Sometimes she is hard to get in..No worries we are now setting up her room so she can get comfortable and  know she has her own safe little place that no other dog will be able to get to. 

Her mother Pippen did the same thing, and on day 3 after having babies, decided it was moving day and tried to move her babies outside.  Well her plan was foiled, and my  walkway was destroyed because we had to tear it up to get her out. So I am not real anzious to have a repeat of this happening again