A couple of months ago, we almost lost Dallas.  Scare from hell.  Woke up  in the morning and let Dallas and Maddie ( our new baby) out from the ir crates.  They ran to the kitchen knowing it was breakfast time.  Dallas as always wolfed down his food, and instantly went into spasms.  I knew instantly this was a bad thing as he was crying and trying to hide from the pain.  

I called the Vet, rushed him in, and they did all sorts of tests, but could see nothing wrong, I left him there  all day, they gave him anti nausea drugs and he seemed to be feeling a bit better.  He came home  lay around all evening clearly uncomfortable.

The next morning my Beautiful boy would not eat or drink and was in serious pain again.  Back to the vets.  They were only open till noon, so she sent me to the emergency vets were we tested him for all sorts of stuff.  Of course he had to stay there overnight.  Sunday he appeared to be doing better again and we took him for a walk, but he was still not eating or drinking but living off an IV.  The vet in charge  felt he had turned the corner of whatever was wrong and we would probably be able to take him home that evening, but he still was not eating or drinking.

So off home we went and we were going to visit him again that evening and on our way the clinic  called, he had taken a turn for the worse again and they re-x rayed him and saw something in his upper intestinal tract, they were going in to remove it..FINALLY I thought, so we went to see him first  give him hugs and cuddles and love him up a bit before he went for surgery.  

We got a call 3/4 of an hour later that he was out of surgery and had swallowed a huge "something, we don't know what it is" but it was rubber and round. it was apparently quite large, and how he swallowed it was a mystery, but he did.  Stupid Dog!!!..

I now have a hefty vet bill to pay but I have my dog back, safe and sound and full of vim and vigor again.

I have to admit being less than pleased with the vets who told me afterwards, "we could feel something but not see it in the x-ray".  If you can feel something, remove it for gods sake.. My poor by suffered 3 days with no food and water to drink, because they were to scared to open him up.  Seems to me there is too much of this " cover my ass" thing going around. I had wanted them to open him up the first day already I knew it was some sort of blockage, why wait?  In the end he almost died because of where it was located they would not have been able to resection the bowel if it had burst or was to damaged to repair. 

I am thankful I still have my boy, but I think I will be way more forceful from now on when it comes to my dogs and treatment.