This has been a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend we were at Camrose Dog show, and Pippen won 2 Group placements there, and this weekend Pippen won another Group 3 placement, under Judge Lynda Berar. It slows down a bit now, but the spring summer circuit is just starting. We are planning on going to Saskatoon this year for the Terrier Specialty as well as a Cairn Booster that is being held up there begining of May, then off to Grande Prairie at the end of June for a 3 day show blitz. 6 shows in 3 days. We will be very tired and sleep real well during the night that weekend. But Pippen loves to show, and doesn't seem to run out of steam. I am more concered about myself, lol.  After that comes the Evelyn Kenny shows and then the AKC dog shows in July and August. The AKC shows are spectacular, and held at the Spruce meadows Equestrian center. There are two specialties that weekend, 1 Cairn Specialty, as well as an All Terrier Specialty. We are looking forward to those two shows, more so because they are in our back yard so to say, lol. no long drives, no motels. Helps the pocket book.
So till next time
See you in the Ribbons