New American Champion!!

We at Cairnisle are so pleased to announce that Dallas (Gch Cairnisles Sharp Dressed Man) Is now an American Champion.  We went to Ann Arbor Michigan  March 8-10  where Dallas picked up his second 5 point major on Saturday, and his third 5 point Major on Sunday as well as Best of Breed  over 80 Cairn Terriers including Specials from the Bred By class. We are so proud of Dallas, and plan to take him out the rest of this year as well to see if we can capture #1 Cairn in Canada for a second time!


2018 was a quiet year for Dallas. We took a break from the show ring for him, and focused instead on Nike, (Cairnisle Runs With Wolves).  Nike did not disappoint. his first show in 2018, Nike went Best of Breed at the AKC winter classic second day in, and Winners Dog the third day. All in all we finished Nike in 3 weekends, and he now  has his Canadian Championship.
we did make one weekend exception for Dallas in 2018, and that was for the AKC Summer Classic. Dallas was entered into the CTCC regional show under Breeder Judge Margaret Jones, and won Best of Breed at this Specialty. Dallas still had his Mojo!

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Counting down for Dott

Posted by Cairnisle Cairn Terriers on Monday, October 18, 2010,
Finished blocking all other entrances today. Blocked one,  she made another, she is determined.  She  dug a small hole and squeezed herself through it, and managed with no problem. So today we got out the cement blocks and 2x6 boards and  closed off any possible place she could go. We then set up the ex-pen outside so she could not  go to the side of the garage and find a new place..  Hopefully now this is done with. She is not a happy puppy about it either.

She has slowed down on eating now a...

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more on Dott

Posted by Cairnisle Cairn Terriers on Wednesday, October 13, 2010,
9 Days left to go till Dott has her babies. I can see many differences in her now, her babies are moving around in her, I still can't figure out how many. 

She can't jump on the bed anymore even though she is part goat, she has gotten to large for that.

She is out daily getting her "new home" ready for moving day, we are sealing it off tomorrow.  Her room is now ready for her to take up residence, and soon she will be very comfortable in it and resting easy in it. 

So here is hoping all will ...

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what is a "Breeder"

Posted by Cairnisle Cairn Terriers on Friday, October 1, 2010,
Lately I have been seeing many posts as to what  a"good breeder" is or should do.  I am wondering for those who read my blog; what is it a person expects from a person who breeds dogs?  What are your expectations?  I would be interested in hearing comments.

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