New American Champion!!

We at Cairnisle are so pleased to announce that Dallas (Gch Cairnisles Sharp Dressed Man) Is now an American Champion.  We went to Ann Arbor Michigan  March 8-10  where Dallas picked up his second 5 point major on Saturday, and his third 5 point Major on Sunday as well as Best of Breed  over 80 Cairn Terriers including Specials from the Bred By class. We are so proud of Dallas, and plan to take him out the rest of this year as well to see if we can capture #1 Cairn in Canada for a second time!


2018 was a quiet year for Dallas. We took a break from the show ring for him, and focused instead on Nike, (Cairnisle Runs With Wolves).  Nike did not disappoint. his first show in 2018, Nike went Best of Breed at the AKC winter classic second day in, and Winners Dog the third day. All in all we finished Nike in 3 weekends, and he now  has his Canadian Championship.
we did make one weekend exception for Dallas in 2018, and that was for the AKC Summer Classic. Dallas was entered into the CTCC regional show under Breeder Judge Margaret Jones, and won Best of Breed at this Specialty. Dallas still had his Mojo!


Posted by Cairnisle Cairn Terriers on Thursday, November 4, 2010
Well as you can tell I haven't been on here much.  Dott had her babies 4 days early, and she had 3 of them. 2 were very healthy and robust unfortunately the little girl was not and did not make it 24 hours. That is how it goes in dogs, Breeding  is not for the faint of heart.

So we have 2 very sweet and healthy babies whose eyes are now open, and they are starting to explore their world and interact with each other now. It is very cute to see, and I will video some of it when they start to walk.  Right now their world consists of a small spare bedroom and they are  in a large crate, which is located in an ex-pen closed off on all sides so they stay confined to an area.  So not really that much to explore, lol.

Dott has been an absolutely wonderful mother, and is still very protective over them even with me.  If I go in then she starts to whine and trys to distract me away from her little ones, and hates it when I pick them up to weigh them or just to make a visual inspection that everything is still going and looking good. 
Over all everything is doing wonderful, and I shall keep you up to date on their progress.

More to other news. I went to Lower Mainland Dog Show, in Abbotsford BC last weekend and took Pippen with me, the mother of Dott, and we did wonderful at Canada's largest show. We got 2 group wins, one being a Group 4 at the Terrier Specialty, and the other, the coveted Group 1!!!  I must say I was quite overwhelmed by it all.

This show is  video taped and shown sometime during the winter. I can hardly wait to see it on tv, lol. I am not narcissistic at all, oh no, lol.

Anyhow enough for now talk next time.

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